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Curwen Primary School


Curwen attends Newham Poetry Group

School is cool because....

Throughout the Spring Term, Year 5 and 6 pupils were given the opportunity to attend a lunchtime poetry workshop delivered by our in-house poetry expert Mr Hadley. Poems were created around a variety of themes, ranging from Oreos, coconuts and Star Wars to nature and school holidays!

Being passionate about poetry and actively attending a local poetry group (Newham Poetry Group), Mr Headley was keen to give children interested in poetry the same opportunity to write and to perform, exploring the philosophy that children see the world differently and that their imagination is their signature. Poetry is a platform for them to showcase their signature.

The group chosen were enthusiastic, imaginative and worked hard to produce their poems and the results were incredible. One pupil said of poetry, “It allows your imagination to be free.”

The theme for the local poetry group competition was “School is cool because...” which gave the pupils a chance to think about why school is cool. The winners performed their poems to friends and family at Stratford Library.

A handful of children received free family cinema tickets for their outstanding efforts. These poems are currently on exhibition in the Stratford Library throughout May – do please check these out while you have the chance!

The school would like to say a special thank you to the staff at Stratford Library for their help, generosity and accommodating the young poets. Also, a thank you to Stratford Picture House for providing the free cinema tickets.

And finally, huge congratulations to those year 5 and 6 pupils that took part! You have made the school very proud!