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Curwen Primary School


Big Pedal 2020-21

Curwen Primary School participated in the Big Pedal Campaign from 20th April to 30 April. This is UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting challenge. The way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone. It has inspired our pupils, staff and parents to take active journeys to school and they got to see their local area from a new perspective.

Alongside this our school had Dr Bike in to fix and repair children's bikes. A day was set aside for 'Bling your wheels'. Children decorated their wheels with brightly coloured and interesting materials so they can be seen.

Our schools registered with Big Pedal. Curwen participated as a large Primary for the 5 day challenge.  With the daily logging in of data on their website we ended up being ranked 4th in the country - You can view our school ranking on this ​website​
The children enjoyed participating in the Big Pedal Campaign. It has inspired our pupils, staff and parents to take active journeys to school and hopefully continue to do so.

Please see more photos in our gallery.