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Curwen Primary School


Street Tag

Steps to join your School Team

  • Download the App "Street Tag" from Play Store/ App Store
  • Click on Sign up
  • Fill in your details
  • Password should be at least 8 characters with 1 special character, 1 upper case, and 1 number
  • Click yes for Team QR Code
  • Scan the school QR Code
  • Click Sign Up
  • Verify either by email or phone number
  • Fill in the Questionnaire
  • You are ready to go 

Tips for Parents/ Guardians to add a child to a parent account 

  • Make sure your child has an Email ID
  • A parent can add a max of 2 children as players C1 and C2
  • Go to settings, then select the 'add a child' option
  • Fill in all the details to add a player
  • Go to the main menu on the Street Tag app and click on settings and then go to the profile option
  • Select add C1 and C2 options 

Once a child is added as a player. You can see the C1/C2 option on the main screen. While tagging with your children, please click on C1/C2 to scan a tag for them.

You can find more information on the Street Tag website: http://www.

Newham's Street Tag leaderboard goes live Monday 10th May at 1pm