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Curwen Primary School


SHINE Competition Runners-Up & Winners

At Curwen, we have our motto of TEAM and RESPECT which makes up our school rules. Our children and parents and carers are very used to these, and they are very important to our school community. Our staff have been discussing and considering our school aims and what we want for all of our children on their journey through Curwen, and have decided to refer to these shared aims as SHINE.

We were so happy to see so many entries for the SHINE (Successful, Healthy & safe, Identity, Nurtured, Engaged) logo awards. Thank you to everyone who participated. After a difficult judging period, here are the runners-up and winners:

The Runners-Up:

Aisha 1SN
Lynne 1L
Sofia 3L
Jasmin 4A


Shrea 4N


Lilia 4N
Muntaha 4N
Saynab 4N
Sarrinah 4N
Helena 5L


Nafessa 5B
Serenity 5C
Lily 5L
Nikol 5B

The Winners:

Trudy 1SN
Janel 4A
Musa 5B