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Curwen Primary School


World Book Day 2022

This year at Curwen we have continued our tradition of holding a pyjama and hot chocolate day to celebrate World Book Day 2022. The children read lots of stories and completed fun activities about their favourite books and authors; all while enjoying their favourite hot beverage and chilling in their jammies.

Even the school kitchen team got involved with World Book Day with their 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' themed lunch. Here are a selection of photos from an amazing day…


As well as this, we also held our first ‘Story Spud’ competition. This involved pupils decorating a potato, or a number of potatoes in some instances, as characters from their favourite book or fairy tale. The level of hard work and creativity that went into these ‘Story Spuds’ were amazing, and the children should be immensely proud of themselves. Here are the winners from the competition:

L-R: Kashaf 1I, Jessica 1K, Ahmed 1L
L-R: Eesa 1SN, Laham 2M, Lorenzo 2R
L-R: Chloe 2S, Lewis 2W, Thiago 3B
L-R: Aarib 3G, Elyse 3H, Leonardo 3L
L-R: Isabelle 4A, Iqra 4C, Lorenzo 4K
L-R: Sarrinah 4N, Anya 5B, Ibrahim 5C
L-R: Holly 5L, Sabrina 5T, Glenn 6B
L-R: Ransey 6C, Ayaan 6H, Oliver 6U
Aafiyah AM, Olayink LST, Amelia PM
L-R: Faizan RC, Gigi RM, Amelia RMC 
Not pictured but also a winner: Eesa RDR