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Curwen Primary School


Newham Place of Worship Competition

Reception wins place of worhsip competition

Every year Newham holds a ‘Place of worship’ competition. Children have an opportunity to visit different Places of Worship such as Mosques, Churches, Gurdwaras, Synagogues and Temples. Children then share what they have learnt through writing, art work or by using ICT.

This year, our Reception classes entered the EYFS category.  In the autumn term Reception visited West Ham Parish Church. They did observational drawing of the church’s stained glass windows.  When they got back to school they design their own stained glass windows. Then they used some boxes to build their own church. They learnt about the Christmas story then drew their own story maps. These were entered in the competition.

We are pleased to announce the Reception Team won:

EYFS Best overall school and Holly in RP won Best individual for her story map.

I want to say a big congratulations, to all the children and staff in Reception and thank them for their hard work.

Yours faithfully,

Charlene McLeod (RE Subject Leader)