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Curwen Primary School


Democracy Week at Curwen

Curwen Council for 2015/2016…

During the first week back in September, the children took part in our annual democracy week. This whole school initiative gives our children the opportunity to explore everything from the origins of democracy, democracy in action whilst developing their understanding of key themes such as government, leadership, voting and free speech.

A vast array of ‘budding politicians’ also took part in workshops to find out what it means to be an excellent school councillor and to start their campaign, if they wanted to run for office. Democracy week culminated with campaigns (involving canvassing and speech making) then elections to determine the new School Council members for 2015/2016.

We are proud to introduce the Curwen Council for 2015/2016…

Year 2 – Monica, Medusa

Year 3 – Meisha, Saeed, Simona, Luciana

Year 4 – Abdullah, Bailey SF, Sultan, Tasnia

Year 5 – Maggie, Ishaq, Natalie, Saffie

Year 6 – Yeshi, Jibril

Congratulations to all those who were successful in their bid to become school councillors but also a huge congratulations for all those who took part and helped our democracy week to be a huge success.

Also please feel free to view pictures of the event within our Display section.