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Curwen Primary School


NFL flag tournament

Flag Football Tournament at Chiswick

Yesterday, Miss Tully and coach Aaron took 13 children to Chiswick to perform in a flag football tournament. For many of our students this was their first time at this competition and they did very well.  The children also got the oppurtunity to meet some prestigous NFL stars!

They won the first two games followed by a draw (which was unfortunate because the referees cut the time a little short), and then we got knocked out in the quarter finals!  The team we faced last had 2 years experience, consisted of all year 6's and we only lost by one touchdown. We are very proud of our students as they grasped the game very well and showed us that there are exciting times for Curwen American Football.  All children put in an awesome effort and represented the school in great fashion.

The following children took part in the competition: Andrew 4S, Alex 4E, Adam 5B, Damien 4B, Chenoa 5L, Elijah 5B, Hassan 5B, Nahom 5SA, Lili mai 5B, Sarah 5SA, Shanae 5L, Rayan 5P and Youri 5L.