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Curwen Primary School


Dance Festival

On Friday 24th November, 18 girls went to Gainsborough primary school. There were 6 other schools taking part in the festival. 

Curwen performed their dance very well even though they were nervous and haven't performed to a big group of people and students, they managed to pull it out the bag and came 3rd within the festival. 

Well done to Kaezia 3F, Chole3F, Emelda 3F, Amirah 4G, Isha 4M, Sehr 4M, Jaynie 5T, Acacia 5T, Alice 5T, Levi 5T, Kerene 5T, Kiarrah 5PB, Aya 5C, Eliza 5C, Thalia 5C, Mercy 6K, Leah 6K and Niah 6A.