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Curwen Primary School


Year 4 Visits Cody Docks and the river Lea

Earlier this month Year 4 visited the River Lea as a part of our geography topic on rivers. We learnt about where rivers begin and end as well as some of the wildlife that use these rivers. We also learnt that the River Lea is a tributary river as it flows into the River Thames.

We went on a river walk along the River Lea and identified different plants and animals along the river. On the way back we made tallies of different types of litter we found in and beside the river and were shocked by our finding. We reflected on what we would like the river to be like in 10 years from now and began to discuss how we could help make that happen.

Next month, as a part of the Thames Festival, an artist will be visiting the school to help us create pieces of art based on our visit.