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Curwen Primary School


Round 1 and 2 of Debate Mate competition

The Debate Mate competition has seen some impressive performances from young debaters in rounds 1 and 2! These budding orators have been tackling complex topics with passion, logic, and creativity.

The competition highlights the range of issues these young minds are grappling with. From environmental conservation to the ethics of technology, the debates have been lively and engaging.

One judges remarked on the "confidence and critical thinking skills" displayed by the debaters. They were particularly impressed with the way students were able to "support their arguments with evidence and effectively counter opposing viewpoints."

The Debate Mate competition provides a valuable platform for children to develop their communication and critical thinking skills. It allows them to research complex topics, form their own opinions, and articulate them persuasively.

These rounds are just the beginning, with the competition building towards the final rounds. The anticipation is high to see which young debaters will rise to the challenge and be crowned champions