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Curwen Primary School


International Week: Mini World

As part of International Family Week we had a fantastic Mini World experience on Wednesday, 20th March 2024.

In the Mini World experience, the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 literally becomes ‘The World’. Each class focusses on a country. Classes get to visit each other. Travellers are given a feast of multi-sensory experiences.


Children greeted their travellers in the language specific to the country. Other language skills used were written captions and its translations. They apply geographical skills, which include learning about the climate of the country, map skills, making comparisons with the United Kingdom and human and physical features. These are carried out through developing effective speaking and presenting skills, engaging travellers in their activities and peer teaching. The use of music, decoration and props supported with creating an immersive atmosphere and cultural environment.

Here are some feedback by pupils and teachers:

Ellie in 2L said, “My favourite country I visited is Hawaii because it had pineapple and fun activities. My best activity was when someone took a picture of me.”

Barack in 4G: “in our class we are doing Colombia. We are doing language, geography and people, and coffee production. When I went to Year 6, they had a quiz about the language they speak in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Mr Morris, an Early Career’s Teacher, said: “I think it is very important for students to be exposed to a wide range of cultures and traditions from all around the world. Students show enthusiasm to learn about cultures other than their own.” 

To see more photos, please click here