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Curwen Primary School


Newham Tri Golf Festival

Year 3 had an amazing time at the Newham Tri Golf Festival on 1st March 2024. The students were excited and enthusiastic as they participated in the various activities and challenges that were set up for them.

The festival provided a great opportunity for the children to not only showcase their golfing skills but also to learn new techniques and improve their abilities. They had the chance to practice their putting, chipping, and driving skills under the guidance of experienced coaches and volunteers.

The atmosphere at the festival was lively and filled with laughter and cheers as the students cheered each other on and celebrated their successes. They also had the chance to interact with students from other schools and make new friends.

Overall, the Newham Tri Golf Festival was a fantastic experience for Year 3. They had a great time, learnt new skills, and had fun in a supportive and encouraging environment. We are proud of their participation and enthusiasm and look forward to more opportunities for them to showcase their talents in the future.