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Curwen Primary School


TTLT Dynamo Cricket Festival

Curwen competed at their final TTLT competition before the Whitsun break on Friday 24th May as they travelled to West Ham Park for a Year 5/6 Boys Cricket festival. 

There were 6 schools and over 100 boys competing at the festival with Curwen being placed alongside Ranelagh, Kaizen and Selwyn in Group 1. The boys played tremendously well during their first three games displaying outstanding teamwork through their exceptional fielding to secure victory against Kaizen and triumph against Selwyn twice. However, impressed further in their last group game, where they followed up a respectable innings of batting with a bowling masterclass, to limit Ranelagh to very few runs and ensure they finished the group on top. 

This resulted in Curwen picking up a third TTLT Cricket trophy of the year as well as all the children deservedly receiving gold medals. 

Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly: Anay (5PB), Zaviyar (5CB), Ibrahim (5CB), Hussamir (5CB), Zain (6A), Lakshikan (6A), Raed (6R), Rayyan (6R), Mikaeel (6C) and Mahin (6K).