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Curwen Primary School


Curwen Cook off!!

What a fantastic Curwen Cook off!

Many countries from all around the world were represented in our annual cooking competition.

This has been the first year we have had 2 categories: sweet and savoury. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries in both groups. High standards have been set up for next year!!!

A big THANKS to all families who took part for their enthusiasm, and culinary skills. We were in awe of the faveolus flavours and presentation shown by all participants.

Congratulation to all winners:



1-Curried roast chicken with oily rice- Nafisa Khan’s mum Yr4M

2-Shamee Kebabs from Pakistan– Laaibah’s mum Nursery PM

3-Algerian couscous with roast chicken – Lilie’s mum RN

1-Chocolate and apple cake with Baklava sweets  from Algeria- Lilie’s mum RN

2-Banofee Pie- Amira’s mum in Nursery PM

3-Bollo de Bolacha from Portugal-Leonardo’s mum Nursery AM