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Curwen Primary School


Plaistow Library Visit

As you may know some children in year 4 went to Plaistow library to meet a famous author called Holly Webb. She has written quite a few books including a series about triplets and their lives and she writes many great stories about animals. Holly told us all about how she wrote her books and that she wasn't expecting to be a writer. She told us all about her new book which is called The Princess and the Suffragette. It is about the suffragettes, women who fought for women to be able to vote. We asked Holly many questions like, what inspired her to be a writer and what makes a good book. The most exciting part for me was getting to meet Holly, getting her to sign my book and getting a picture taken with her as she is my favourite author. Holly signed many books and chatted to lots of children. Lot's of year 4 children either borrowed her book from the library or bought a copy for themselves and we are REALLY excited to read it! We are big fans of Holly and we believe she should continue to write epic books!

Cydney from 4G