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Curwen Primary School


Geography Day

This week Curwen took part in Geography Day! From Nursery to Year 6, all the children participated in their own geographical studies around the school or local area. It was fantastic to see the different Geography skills being learnt and used in a practical way.

Nursery travelled to the local park using maps to tick of features they saw, Reception used maps to locate objects and places around the school grounds,

Year 1 travelled to Chalkwell Beach to compare the location and features with Plaistow, Year 2 travelled to West Ham Park where they evaluated the uses of green spaces in London and their importance, Year 3 travelled to the Thames Barrier to see how people had adapted and overcome living in hazardous areas, Year 4 and 5 travelled to West Ham park where they evaluated the safety of the local area and plotted features  on a map to accurately upscale onto larger paper using 4 and 6 figure grid references and finally Year 6 travelled around the local area completing mini fieldwork experiments  such as air quality, safety, methods of travel, and reviewing the local facilities.

Overall it was a great day where geography skills were used in an amazing and varied way across the whole school. Well done everyone!