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Curwen Primary School


Reception Big Outcome

On Monday 11th February 2019 the four Reception classes opened to parents for our very special art exhibition, which included some examples of activities the children did over the term.

Our topic this term was ‘People in our Community’ and the children had a chance to show their parents how much they have improved in their writing.  We wrote lists about the equipment different people need to do their jobs. They also used their reading skills to read to their parents the range of books about ‘People in the Community’ that they looked at in class. The parents had a chance to have a look at our special topic book, where we collected different pieces of work based on our topic.

This term we went on an educational visit to West Ham Park to look at how nature changes over the course of the year and to talk to the park keeper about his job. We also had fun collecting leaves, sticks and pieces of bark that we used to create our artwork.



We thank all the parents who came along and made their children feel so special and their work valued.

For more photos, please visit the gallery