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Curwen Primary School


Poetry Competition

 Spring term at Curwen started off in customary fashion with our whole school poetry competition. In lessons, throughout the school, our pupils read poems relating to their topics and explored the different features and figurative language that makes poetry such an enjoyable art form. In reception and year 1, pupils had to learn and recite different poems in order to improve their fluency and expression when reading.  In years 2-6, pupils wrote their own poems and then performed them to their classmates, bringing their work to life using expression, sound effects and actions.

After performing to their classes, sets and in phase assemblies, winners from each year group were selected to take part in our poetry assembly. Here they performed their poems in front of the whole school and their parents.

Here is a list of our winning poets…

Reception = Jaynie RS

 Y1 - Jasmin 1M

 Y2 = Amara 2S

 Y3 = Martin 3B

 Y4 = Yasser 4B

 Y5 = Semema 5C

 Y6 = Ibrahim Ali 6A

Each and every performance was absolutely brilliant and the children showed how articulate, confident and passionate they were about their work. Their amazing performances wouldn't have been possible without all the hard work and dedication that they put into their poetry lessons throughout January and the extra work they did at home. Well done all of you!!

I'd like to extend my upmost thanks to all pupils, staff and parents for their hard work, effort and enthusiasm in making the poetry competition a roaring success.


Mr Smale

Literacy Lead