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Curwen Primary School


Let’s talk with under 5’s Elklan course

Over the last seven weeks some parents of Nursery and Reception children have been attending a Speech and language Let’s talk with under 5’s Elklan course. They have been able to learn strategies and activities that could be used with their children. Helping their child become a confident communicator.

We covered topics such as

• Understanding what's happening when we talk to each other.

• Enhancing interaction between children and adults.

• Developing play so that talking develops.

 • Improving listening and understanding.

• Learn how children learn new words and help them use them in sentences.

• Learn how to ask appropriate questions and share books.

• Help children whose speech is hard to understand.

I am sure you will congratulate the parents on their completion of the course.

There was a lot of positive feedback from the parents;

“I would recommend the course as some parent’s like me might not realize they talk to their kids the wrong way.”

“I love the course because it help me to learn a lot about children understanding how to communicate and listening to them.”

“I got more information and knowledge to help my child, teacher taught very vividly.”

“I would like to say if we can have this kind of opportunities to learn how to help our children would love to do in the future.”

“I would like to say thanks to Miss Young she taught us brilliantly and to Curwen Primary School giving us this opportunity.”

“The most helpful was learning and understanding how children with speech delay should be able to look at you listen to you and copy. Something I very rarely used specially when I was busy.”​

There are plans to run this course again in the Summer term, if this would be of interest to you please see Mrs Young.

Once again, well done Parents!