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Curwen Primary School


Debate Mate at The Oriental Club

Curwen's debate team continue to be very busy. This week Saeed (6C) and Ama (5C) were selected to attend a special Debate Mate breakfast at the Oriental Club in Central London. Curwen were the only primary school to attend and the pair had the opportunity to compete with and against both secondary school children from Sacred Heart Secondary and some of the programmes adult directors.

They debated in front of Debate Mate's senior directors, their CEO and 30 business men and women who donate to the charity. Despite being the youngest debaters in the showcase debate they blew away the audience debating whether parents should be punished for the crimes of their children. 

Preparing in the Oriental Club's board room

This was the first time Ama had attended the breakfast after being noticed by judges in the second round of the Debate Mate League for her clear and confident manner. When asked about speaking in front of so many adults she said, "Before I spoke I was really, really nervous but once I started I forgot about all the people watching and really enjoyed it. It was amazing to see the secondary children debate and the adults as well. I also thought Saeed's speech was brilliant and really funny."

Shaking hands after the debate‚Äč
Ready to return to school after a successful morning