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Curwen Primary School


Reception's Harvest Assembly

This term the children in Reception have learnt about harvest. We discussed what people do during this special time of the year and we sang songs about the season. We learnt the names of different vegetables that were in season and we also used them to paint and make beautiful pieces of art that we showed during our harvest performance.

The children performed in front of their parents/carers who had fun watching them dangle like scarecrows and they listened to a poem the children learnt. It described how the trees change during autumn and how the colours of some plants around us go from green to orange, brown or yellow.

We also looked at the story of the little red hen that the children acted out during the performance. We chose this story because it talks about harvest and friendship. Thanks to the story and the discussions that came from it, the children learnt that it is important to work as a team not just during harvest time but also in our everyday life.

We were able to decorate the stage with pieces of art that the children made and with the food that was donated for charity from our families at Curwen.

The Reception team would like to say a big thank you to all the people who came to watch our first performance of the year and we are sure we will see you at our Nativity performance on the 3rd of December for more fun and songs.

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