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Curwen Primary School


Nursery's Guru Nanak Assembly

Nursery performed their first assembly for our Parents/Carers. We talked about all that we had learnt about Guru Nanak and the Sikh religion. We also learnt about other religions that were special to us. Our parents were asked to come and watch our assembly so we could show how we have settled into Nursery. In our assembly we discussed Guru Nanak, The 5 K's and also learnt about our different teachers religions. Most importantly we learnt to listen and respect others.

Our parents could stay and play with us, here we had fun making birthday cakes with shaving foam, we created candles out of play dough, counted candles for the cakes, made cakes in the home corner, decorated biscuits, wrapped presents and we moved our body to different music. Our Parents could stay and join in and share with the fun, learning experience we have at Nursery. It was great to see everyone attend and the children enjoyed showing their parents their new learning and friends in Nursery.

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