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Curwen Primary School


What we have been learning at Curwen 18/05- 22/05

It has been another super packed week in school this week, and with the weather being so lovely and hot we’ve taken every opportunity to take our learning outside as much as possible. With this being Metal Health Awareness Week, we have taken even more time to engage with activities that promote Kindness and thinking of others. Here is just a small snapshot of some of the things we’ve been doing this week.

In EYFS this week we have enjoyed exploring water to cool down and  have used brushes to write our names in coloured sand and rice. We have noticed that blue and red makes purple. We discovered 5 snails in the garden. 2 of them are still growing. We left them near the grass so they can eat it. We touched the shells; they were really hard with a spiral pattern. We have sent some colourful art work to Spray Care Home in Leyton. We used bright colours to cheer the residents up. We have also learnt about comic books and we created ours with our own superheroes.

In KS1 children have learning about using inference skills in reading. We learnt what inference is, and became detectives to use clues in pictures and text to work out what characters in a story were feeling. In maths this week, we have been looking at how to double numbers. We learnt that doubling numbers means to add the same number again. We all had a chance to sit on our “magic doubling chair” in order to find out the double of any number. We used our fingers to help us double small numbers by counting the total, and we drew circles to help us work out the doubles for larger numbers. For Art this week we have been writing our motivational messages and lovely drawings to elderly people to remind them to stay positive, stay at home and to stay happy! We also got a chance to plant our seeds with Miss Isla - we had lots of fun doing this, and we reminded each other that we need to take care of them by giving them enough sunlight, water and air. In the afternoon we learnt about materials and weaving. We explored different types of materials that we could use and found that the best ones were paper and fabric. We then used a loom to weave our chosen material carefully making sure to follow the pattern.

Years 3 and 4 have been busy exploring poetry (we wrote a poem inspired by William Wordsworth!) and calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes. We also spent an afternoon thinking about the importance of kindness – kind things that others do for us, and ways we can be kind to those around us.

Last week the year 5 and 6 children had a lesson about collages; sadly, they did not get the time to finish these in school, so were asked to complete them for homework. They did a brilliant job and used different mediums – including patterned paper, photos and food!!! Here are some examples:

We have been reading a book about WW2 this week in literacy. It is called: My Life in the Blitz. We used this to help us understand a bit about what life was like for people during WW2 and to understand some of the hardships they faced. We then wrote a diary entry pretending we were children during the war.

We also drew and painted some pictures that are going to be sent to a care home to bring joy to people who are feeling down:

We were able to get outside in the sunshine to work on some spelling words. We played a few games to help us remember our words, including finding the meanings scattered around the playground, throwing and catching a ball (we had to explain a word, spell a word or use a word in a sentence if the ball was thrown to us) and writing the spellings in chalk on the floor.

As well as this, we were able to spend some time on bikes!