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Curwen Primary School


International Week - 2015

Curwen celebrated its diversity through a range of activities over a week in March with a sense of pride.

Food Competition

A food competition for parents was held on Monday 2nd of March. We had 42 entrants, much larger than the previous year. Our winners were:

1.  Kare-Kare, a Philippine stew made by Rosalie Rivera

2. Rock Cakes made by Emma Lowen

3. Welsh Cakes made by David and Grace Ring

Three judges had the difficult task of tasting and judging the food. The judges were a local councillor Joy Laguda, NPW’s School Meals Client Support, Carmen Dashwood, and Curwen’s lunchtime supervisor, Christie Smith.

Mini World

Thursday afternoon the school was transformed into a mini world.  Each year group created an imaginary travel experience through engaging in a range of multi-sensory activities.

The countries that were explored included Ghana, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, United Kingdom, China and Brazil, with each class showcasing an element of their country.  Classes travelled with passports that were stamped to explore the world, just like on a real journey.  Parents also accompanied their children in their journeys.

During the spring term each year group explored their country through a variety of cross-curricular activities, bringing it all together in International Week.

Citizenship Assembly

We held a citizenship assembly on Friday morning to recognise the most democratic citizens at our school.  This assembly is based on the British Citizenship Ceremony, which School Councillors attended at East Ham Town Hall.  We had two special guests, Andi Smith, who is the Chair of Curwen’s Governing Body, and Councillor Joy Laguda. The democratic citizens made a promise to meet the democratic values as created by our School Councillors. 

The promise taken was:

I promise to use the powers vested in me to be a community member, to work as a team, to express my views, to take turns and to compromise when things get challenging.

Fashion Show and Carnival

Friday afternoon was an extravaganza of fashion and carnival.

Staff and children modelled their traditional clothing demonstrating their rich and diverse heritage for parents at the fashion show.

The carnival paraded through the school.  Each year group performed a kaleidoscope of exuberant colours, rhythmic sounds and street spirit.

International Week was published within the Newham Recorder on Wednesday 11th March 2015 as well as in the Newham Partnership Working Newsletter on Monday 16th March 2015.

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