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All the latest news from Curwen Primary School

September 2023

  • Family Bike Club

    Published 29/09/23

    On Friday it was great to see so many of you joining our Family Bike Club session after school. The sun came out for a glorious afternoon of cycling and scooting and we even managed to get some children to learn to ride. A special well done to Elikia 2L and Humaira 3H, who persevered and rode their bikes without stabilisers for the very first time! A fantastic achievement! If you’re free this Friday, then please do come along! Everyone is welcome. For this club, children, adults and family members are all welcome to come and use the KS2
    playground to ride their bikes or scooters in a safe space. Either bring your own bike/scooter (and helmet) or use one of ours. Roller skates are also welcome. Please note that for a child to stay and join in, they MUST be accompanied by an adult (over the age of 18) and are the sole responsibility of that adult. If you or your child would like any help learning to ride a bike, then please speak to Miss Stuart or a member of staff at Bike club and we will be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you again this Friday.

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  • Year 4's visit to the London Mithreum and Guildhall

    Published 29/09/23

    During the last week of September Year 4 visited the London Mithraeum and Guildhall’s Roman Amphitheatre as part of our history topic on the Romans. We got to see the remains of a Roman temple in the Mithraeum and experience what happened in Roman temples by listening to some of the Latin chanting that used to happen during Roman times. We also saw over 600 artefacts used in everyday life. In the amphitheatre we saw where gladiators used to fight in Londinium and learned how brutal the games were! We recorded videos of ourselves sharing what we had learned about the amphitheatre to add to our Roman presentations in our computing lessons.



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  • Year 2's visit to St Paul’s

    Published 26/09/23

    Year 2 visited St Paul’s Cathedral during our topic in History about ‘The Great Fire of London’ where we had a guided tour of the cathedral and talked about what happened during the fire and what London looks like now. 

    G:\Shared drives\CPS - Multimedia\...Year 2\2023-2024\2G\St pauls\IMG_2133.JPG



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  • Baseball Festival

    Published 22/09/23

    Curwen had a fantastic time at Ranelagh Primary School on Friday 22nd September celebrating the
    launch of Ranelagh Rockets.
    A team of 10 children participated in a Baseball festival on the new diamond court at Ranelagh,
    trying their hand at a range of pitching, throwing and batting activities. They also got to play some
    small-sided games against North Beckton, Kensington and Ranelagh where they could showcase
    their fantastic baseball skills.
    The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are very much looking forward to playing Baseball again
    Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly: Rafin (6A), Diana (6C), Tatyana
    (6C), Lorenzo (6R), Sumaiya (6R), Khalil (6R), Ashana (6R), Sufyaan (6K), Jaynie (5T), Thiago (5T).


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