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Curwen Primary School


Eco Award

Curwen Primary School is a green flag school which means we are an eco-friendly school. We completed Eco-School’s seven step programme on our journey to becoming a green flag school.

We reviewed ten aspects of the school and chose three areas to improve. Our survey suggested that we should focus on the areas of marine, water and waste.


Waste was the main area we focused on. During the school fair, children helped to sell second hand uniform to reduce the waste and encourage recycling. They also delivered an assembly on the 5 Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle). In addition to this, they worked with the kitchen staff to review the school dinner options to help reduce food waste.

As a part of the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ project Eco-conscious children were selected to go litter picking on the Greenway with their families and members of Newham Council. Some classes from across the school have also helped to clean up the local area by littler picking.


Children delivered an assembly on why is it important to clean up the oceans. They spoke about the risks to sea life and what can be done to protect it. Click here to see the presentation


Children reviewed the schools use of water and raised money for water aid. They created posters to raise awareness during the event at the school fair.

At the end of the process the children created a eco code for the school.