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Curwen Primary School



We love to hear your feedback, it's a great opportunity for us to improve and provide a better quality of teaching. Here we will share the feedback you provided. 

General children and parents comments 

Is there any comment you would like to make about the school or any suggestions for improvements?

“Really appreciate for the special English class for children whose first language isn’t English. The teachers are also very good in delivering the subjects, so my child can understand them easily.”


2019 English for Parent’s Course - Evaluation

‘It’s given me confidence when I speak with someone in English and also helpful to understand my child and am able to communicate with him. I would like to attend the workshops and Curwen when they start again.’ —Year 2 parent.

‘I enjoyed learning how to say full sentences. I thought the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. I want to learn how to speak more clearly fluently’.  — Year 4 Parent.

‘Very good and helpful, thanks. I like how the class was taken and explained clearly in English and Bengali. I would like to learn more spoken English.’ — Year 2 Parent.