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Curwen Primary School


General info


Children are admitted to the nursery, the term after their 3rd birthday. The admission criteria are laid down by the Borough of Newham. They are as follows:-

  1. In catchment area, with brothers or sisters in the school.
  2. In catchment area, without brothers or sisters in the school.
  3. Out of catchment area, with brothers and sisters in the school.
  4. Out of catchment area.
  5. All other children

Children are admitted for either a morning or afternoon session. However, priority is given to all 4 year olds first. All parents should note that a place in the nursery does not guarantee a school place.

Medical Information/Medicines 

If your child has a known illness or allergy which we need to know about, e.g. fainting attacks or epileptic fits, then you must inform us in case of emergencies. In the case of asthma pumps, children who need the pump should be taught how to use it, and they should carry it with them at all times.

Occasionally, a child may be well enough to return to school after an illness but may not have finished a course of medicine or antibiotics. In these circumstances the parent should bring the medicine to the school office. Parents will need to complete a ’medicines in schools’ form. The medicine will be administered by a member of the Senior Management Team.

Children should not bring medicines to school themselves and medicines cannot be given to the class teacher to be kept in the classroom. Only medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor can be administered. Parents must ensure medicines in school are in date.

Please refer to the medical policy here

Emergency contacts 

Occasionally a child may be involved in an accident at school, or they may start to feel unwell, and in these circumstances we telephone the parent and ask them to come to school to collect their child.

It is important that parents keep us informed of any changes to their address or phone numbers and inform the office.

We also need to have the telephone numbers of other friends or relatives who can be contacted in an emergency if we cannot contact a parent.

School hotline number: 08447 707 576 – ID 51871

Parking on school premises 

Unfortunately, the school car park is too small and there are no spaces available for visitors to the school at present. Parents should not park within the school grounds or on the approach way and should not drive through the car park when bringing or collecting the children from school.  Access must be maintained at all times for emergency services. Please also take into consideration our local residents.

School Travel Plan 

At Curwen we have an emphasis on walking to school. Staff and children alike are encouraged to walk to school for health and environmental reasons. We participate in WOW, Walk On Wednesday, where pupils who regularly walk are rewarded with a class cup. We have a cycle shelter for people who wish to cycle to school. Cycling is taught and developed through our family cycling club and cycling proficiency classes. Road safety, health, environmental and traffic issues are taught through a cross curricular approach throughout the school.

All these are planned for in our School Travel Plan which is kept in our school office.

Commitment to personal safety of staff  

At Curwen, our staff are here to help and will endeavour to provide the highest quality service possible and will act courteously towards all parents/pupils they have contact with.

However, the Trust and school will not tolerate the behaviour of any parent, carer or pupil who may become abusive and threatening or actually assault a member of our staff.

The School and Trust will take the appropriate action necessary to protect and ensure the safety of staff.