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Curwen Primary School



In conjunction with Place2Be and the HeadStart Champions, we promoted Anti Bullying week in school.  Throughout the school, all the children carried out “Acts of Kindness”.  In class, the children had a grid with 30 acts of kindness, which they selected and carried out. 

During lunch time, the HeadStart champions were also asking children to select and carry out more acts of kindnesses.  They asked the children to select an act of kindness, complete it and write down how they felt about it on a strip of paper. 

Then the HeadStart champions made links with the strips of paper and created a long chain. This Acts of Ki​​​​ndness chain is hanging up in the main hall. 

The children are aware that small acts of kindness help to make the school a happy and safe place for everyone.  Please watch the video to see how the children promoted Anti bullying week through acts of kindness.