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Curwen Primary School



There will be homework available on this page:

Homework will be uploaded and completed by children on Google Classroom. Until children have been taught how to access and use Google Classroom, we will be uploading online activities for children to complete for their homework.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Homework- Friday 18th December 2020

English  Maths Design & Technology

Log into Bug Club and read Dog Alert and answer the questions about the text by clicking on the yellow bug club icon when it appears on a page.


Log into TT rock stars and spend 15 minutes each day practising your times tables.


In maths, we have learnt about using different methods to calculate a range of calculations. Use the column method to calculate the following:


  1. 23 + 89 =
  2. 78 + 63 =
  3. 65 + 234 =
  4. 78 – 23 =
  5. 183 – 27 =
  6. 23 x 5 =
  7. 72 x 4 =
  8. 35 x 24 =


Can you use the bus stop method to calculate the following:

1) Thirty three divided by three

2) Seventy two divided by six


3) One hundred and twenty seven divided by four




For DT, we have  been desigining and cretaing a healthy breakfast.

Look in your kitchen and classify 20 different foods into healthy and unhealthy.


Can you identify the main food group e.g. protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

Create a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for someone in your house. Think about the different food groups ans the proportion of how much you should have in a healthy diet.














Write a prediction about the book you got from santa. Look at the blurb and the front cover and think about:

What do you think will happen?

Who are the characters?


If you have forgotten any of your login details, send us a message on StudyBugs and we will send them over.

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We would love to see pictures of your learning at home! Send them to with your name and class and we may feature them on our website.