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Curwen Primary School



There will be homework available on this page:

Homework will be uploaded and completed by children on Google Classroom. Until children have been taught how to access and use Google Classroom, we will be uploading online activities for children to complete for their homework.

Homework - Monday 19th October 2020 

English  Math  Topic



Complete the questions & activities on the first & last pages.  

Challenge questions

What does the word ‘mess’ mean?

Can you find the 3 words that have a similar meaning as ‘mess’?

In Maths we have been learning to add two and three digit numbers using dienes.


  • Find the first number and draw the dienes.
  • Look at the second number and draw the dienes.
  • Add the dienes up and write the answer.



265 + 44 =

102 + 62 =

275 + 24 =

121 + 67 =

316 + 152 =

This week in PSHCE we have been learning about our feelings, changes and dealing with bullying.


Write about the changes that have happened at home


  • You can write about a change that has happened and how it makes you feel
  • Think about changes that you may be looking forward to in the future and explain why.

E-Safety (optional)

Design a poster on how to deal with bullying

The best one from each class will be chosen and displayed in their classroom.






Research: Find adjectives to describe Goldilocks


Write a paragraph describing Goldilocks using the adjectives you have found in your research.

Use the sentence starters to help you:


Her hair is ________ and _________.


She is ___________ like a __________.


I think Goldilocks is ___________ because she _______________





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