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Curwen Primary School



There will be homework available on this page:

Homework will be uploaded and completed by children on Google Classroom. Until children have been taught how to access and use Google Classroom, we will be uploading online activities for children to complete for their homework.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Homework - Friday 18th December 2020

English Maths Topic 


This week we have been writing about our Christmas performance, RE Day and King and Queens’ performance.


Choose one of these and write about what happened and what your favourite part was


Sentence starter:

My favourite part was  _________ because



 Practise counting in 2’s.  Click here


This week we have been designing our own board games. We had to make up our own rules.


Over the holiday can you play some board games with your family?  You can even design a board game with your family and play it.



PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)


This week we have been learning to recognise the effects of my behaviour on others.


What does 'behaviour' mean?

• 'to act in a particular way'

• 'to conduct yourself in particular well'

Q: Can you think of any inappropriate behaviour someone may show in school?


Q: Can you think of any good behaviour someone may show in school?


Practise your level 5 and 6 spellings.

Try remembering how we learnt how to use the ‘Look- cover - check’ strategy.

When you have finished practising, see if you can spell them correctly.

Can you write these spellings in a sentence?

This is your ca

Level 6: were here there where said

Special level 1:

 one  two  three  four  five  six

(if your child is ready for the next level you can move on)





In phonics there are different special friends that help us to read.  Practise your sounds by reading the words below.

Here is a video with some ‘or’ words

Click here





Can you think of any other words with ‘ar’ and write these on a paper?


PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)


This week we have been learning to identify people who look after us.


Who looks after you?


How does that person look after you? (e.g. make me dinner, takes me to school, helps me in class, etc.).


What could happen if that person did not look after you?


How does it feel to be looked after?


Draw a picture of people who look after you and write a sentence how they look after you.




Make a card to say thank you to someone who looks after you?




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