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There will be homework available on this page:

Homework will be uploaded and completed by children on Google Classroom. Until children have been taught how to access and use Google Classroom, we will be uploading online activities for children to complete for their homework.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Homework- Friday 23rd October 2020

English Science  Topic


In Literacy we have all been reading different books. By now, you should have at least one book; The Magic Finger, The Iron Man, George's Marvellous Medicine or The Wind in The Willow

Choose a book you have read recently. On a piece of paper, note down the following things:

- How does the story end?

- What happened to the characters?

- How was the problem solved?

- Did the characters change and how?

- How are they feeling at the end and why? 

Using these points, write an alternative ending to the story in a short paragraph.

In Science this week we learnt how important it is to eat a balanced diet comprise of different food groups. 


Complete the balanced diet quiz on Discovery Education to check your knowledge on food and nutrition. Click on the link and log in:

Click here

Watch this video about processed food:

Click here

Should we eat a lot of processed food?

What might happen if we do?

Food that is not good for our health, like processed meat, is often called junk food. Design a poster warning people about processed food. Include the following:

  • Examples of junk food
  • Why is junk food bad for us
  • Healthy alternatives
  • A catchy message

Here are sme examples: 


As part of our Geography topic, we will be looking at sustainability. We learnt that sustainability means taking care of our planet.

For week’s homework, watch this Youtube video (Click here) and answer some questions.

Complete the quiz on Google Classroom, but if you don’t have access, here are the questions as well:

  • If I looked up the word 'sustainability' in a dictionary, what might be one of the definitions (meanings) I'd find?
  • The planet's resources are things like fresh water, fresh air, plants and trees. Why must we act responsibly when it comes to our earth's resources?
  • What does sustainability mean when we talk about the environment?
  • What question should we ask ourselves if we want to work out if something is sustainable?
  • What items do we use daily that is made of plastic?
  • What is one change you can make in your life to contribute to sustainability? You can name one thing you've seen in the video, or you can come up with your own.

Answer these questions using the information you learn from the video – don’t just make things up!



In Literacy we have been learning about adverbs. Many adverbs are formed by adding the suffix-ly at the end of an adjective, e.g. quiet- quietly.

When the adjectives ends with -I, we end up with a double LL., e.g. beautiful- beautifully


For our next spelling session on Friday 6th November, learn how to spell these adverbs:


1. Gracefully

2. Cheerfully 

3. Beautifully 

4. Carefully

5. Hopefully

6. Eventually

7. Accidentally

8. Actually


Can you put some of these words in a sentence





Grammar: Word classes

In Literacy we have been learning about different word classes. These are the word types we have learnt about already:

Nouns: a person, a place or an object, e.g. a teddy

Adjectives: describing the noun, e.g. tiny

Verbs: action or doing words, e.g. run

Adverbs: words showing how the action is done, e.g. slowly 

Complete the activity on Google classroom by typing the correct word in each box of the grid.


If you have forgotten any of your login details, send us a message on StudyBugs and we will send them over.

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