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Curwen Primary School


Place of Worship Visit

As a school we aim to let our children experience many activities such as going on visits to help them learn about their own religion as well as others. Teaching the children about each other helps them to respect each other’s belief. One way we enrich the children’s knowledge and understanding is by visiting different places of worship.   Here are some pictures of our visits so far;

Place of Worship Visits 2022-2023

In Curwen every year, each year groups gets the opportunity to visit a ‘Place of Worship (POW).  This year we were excited that some year group were able to resumes the POW trips. Other year group were not but still worked hard in school to learn about all the religions. 

Year 1 – December 2022

In December, year 1 visited Chist Church in Plaistow to learn about the story of Baby Jesus. They got to enjoy a carousel of different parts of the story in a real life carousel nativity. They visited a King, saw the presents that were going to given to Baby Jesus, smelt some frankincense and had a snack from Mary’s kitchen. Finally, they visited the shepards who told them about the star they had followed and how an angel told them someone special was going to be born.

Year 4 – November 2022

Back in November, Year 4 visited the S.K.S Swaminarayan Hindu Temple (Mandir) in East Ham. They were particularly hoping to learn and understand more about the religious practices of Hindu people. They looked at the various Murtis that they worship including the large Murti of Swaminarayan in the centre. Hindu’s believe he is a manifestation of Krishna. The items for Puja were visible to see in the Mandir and the expeirnece really enhanced pupil’s learning about Hinduism.

Year 2 – September 2022

To get the school year off to a great start, Year 2 visited St. Paul’s Cathedral, a Grade I listed Anglican Cathedral in the City of London. Although the children visited a place of worship, the primary purpose of this trip was to learn more about the Great fire of London, Year 2’s history topic for the Autumn term. In the fire of 1666, the original St Paul’s was devastated and later destroyed before being rebuilt. The opportunity to intertwine religious education with historical learning is a fantastic opportunity that Year 2 are lucky to experience.