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Curwen Primary School


Poetry Competition 2021

As well as reading a variety of poems and exploring the features of poetry, we believe it is important for our pupils to be given lots of opportunities to perform poems in class and at home. This is a great opportunity for them to improve their oracy, build self-confidence and perform in front of an audience. Studies have shown that learning poems off by heart is both good for the brain and supporting one's mental well-being. 

Well done to all children who performed or recorded poems for their class during poetry sessions in Spring term. Here is a selection of some amazing poetry performances from across the school

Jasmine and Heliana 











Here is 22 year old Amanda Gorman performing the poem 'The Hill We Climb', who recently stole the show during Joe Biden's Inauguration to become the new president of the USA. Not only is it a fantastic performance but it demonstrates the importance of poetry and its relevance as a creative art form. We hope you and your children enjoy it and are inspired to write or perform some poetry yourselves.