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Curwen Primary School


Poetry Corner

Poetry Competition Winners 2024

This year, the spring term started in wonderful fashion with our whole school focusing on poetry. Our theme was EMPATHY. It was a great opportunity for cross curricular learning as poetry really lends itself to the teaching of reading skills e.g. authorial intent, inference, use of figurative language, as well exposing the children to new vocabulary and giving them opportunities to read with fluency and expression.
Pupils in Years 3 to 6 wrote and performed their own poems, while pupils in Reception to Year 2 picked poems to learn and recite. Everyone was given the opportunity to perform their poems to their class, which was a great chance for the children to improve their oracy skills, build self-confidence and perform in front of an audience.

Each class chose a winning poet based on their courage and confidence in memorising and performing; their effort and hard work in writing the poem and/or their engagement in the topic as a whole. All the winners performed in phase assemblies, with their teachers choosing an overall winner from each year group to perform in our whole school poetry assembly. 

All winning poets took part in a fun poetry workshop with our very own Ms Bryan and the poet and motivational speaker Yvonne Murray.  The aim of the workshop was to further inspire their love of poetry but also support the pupils with skills and techniques to further enhance their poetry performances. 

As well as celebrating our winning poets, this year's assembly was dedicated to the life and work of Benjamin Zephaniah. Pupils from Year 6 performed a number of his poems and we also displayed some art work inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah that was created by our pupils.

See below for photos of the workshop and whole school poetry assembly, as well as, QR codes to performances from our overall winning poets from each year group...


Rafin 6A


Klaudija 5PB


Hessa 4G


Patrick 3B


Marcel 2L


Nathanael 1K


Tanzila RMC