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Curwen Primary School


Poetry Corner

Poetry Competition Winners 2022

This year, we linked our whole school poetry unit to our Curwen Core Skills, with a particular focus on Empathy.  During literacy lessons, pupils read and explored a range of emotive poems linked to their topics, such as the Victorian Era. There was a focus across the school on identifying and understanding figurative language e.g. similes, personification, metaphors. 

As always there was a big push on pupils' performing poems with fluency and expression with each class choosing a winning poet. These children then performed in their phase assemblies with an overall year group winner being chosen to perform in our whole school poetry assembly. Below are QR codes and links to watch our winning poets in action...  


Zane RM -

Muntaha 4N -

Chloe 1K -

Heather 5L -

Zakariya 2S -

Anay 3G -