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Curwen Primary School


Primary to Secondary

Moving from a primary to a secondary school, is probably the biggest change your child will have ever known. Don’t underestimate the importance of this moment in your child’s life.  

You’ll probably already have some ideas about your local secondary schools, through talking to parents at your child’s primary school.

It’s important to include your child’s views about which secondary schools to apply to. Your child may be keen to continue school with current primary school friends and could be influenced by friends’ choices of secondary school.

Consider your child’s strengths and interests. Some secondary schools specialise in particular areas of the curriculum and this could help with your family’s decision.

Find out about extra-curricular opportunities outside lessons as well as academic standards. Being involved in out-of-school clubs can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of secondary school as well as having benefits for learning. Look at the range of sports activities on offer too - these can differ widely from school to school.

To help you with these decisions we have provided some helpful documentation which can be found in the two links below.

E Admissions

eAdmissions - How to register

Primary to Secondary Transmission- Y6 Parents meeting for schools

Please see below for the Newham Secodnary Schools information booklet