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Curwen Primary School



Ideas for reading that don’t involve reading that much!

Look at the ideas and share/ create a doc or write your thoughts in your homework books


When you are reading there are many things that you can do, rather than just read silently. Try some of these things that are a different approach to reading. This will ensure that you are busy and exploring your book in further detail

Create a Museum

Draw a picture of what a museum would look like with important objects from the book that you are reading

Write a rap/poem/song

Have a go at writing a poem, rap or song. What is this rap about?

Make a Mural

Make a mural about the characters in the book you are reading 

Write a newspaper article

Write an article about ideas in a book

Predict what will happen to characters in the future...

Harry will grow up with Ginny, and grow up to have a family. They will then go to Hogwarts and have some of the same problems, but with another bad wizard! 

Find out about the author 

Design a new cover for a book

Write a sequel to the book

What could happen next in the book you're reading. Write a new story based on the same character in new settings

Please see below for more ideas