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Curwen Primary School


School History

Curwen Primary School is located in Plaistow, very near to Plaistow tube station. It is not affiliated to any religious denomination.

In 1888, the school was originally called ‘Stock Street Board’, and this was a three story building. The school was reorganized in the 1930s for junior boys, junior girls and infants, and in 1945 for mixed juniors and infants.  It was then renamed Curwen in 1949. 

In 1980 the school was demolished and rebuilt in 1981 as a one story school. 

The school has been remodelled and extended to improve the learning environment and to ensure it is a building fit for the 21st Century.  This work started in 2009 and finished in 2011, within that time frame the school went from a 2 form, to a 3 form to a 4 form school.

By September 2015 the school will have gone through its 4th stage of building works and extended even further.

Senior Management Team

  • Mr Paul Harris

    Executive Headteacher

  • Mrs Kate Mansfield

    Head of School - Curriculum & Standards

  • Ms Emma White

    Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum & Standards 

  • Ms Mandy Sandhu

    AHT - Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr John Potter

    AHT - EYFS (Nursery/ Reception) & KS1 (Y1/Y2) - Community Lead 

  • Mrs Vivienne Marle

    AHT - PSHE Lead

  • Ms Julie Horsington

    AHT - Upper KS2 (5/6) - Assessment Lead

  • Miss Kate Miles


  • Mrs Lisa Miles

    School Business Manager

  • Mr Mark Smale

    Y3/4 Lower KS2 Lead & Literacy Lead 

  • Miss Kate Sawyer

    Lead Practitioner- EYFS, ITT and NQTs


  • Miss Kate Sawyer

    Lead Practitioner - EYFS, ITT and NQTs

  • Miss Montse Tome

    Nursery Teacher - MFL Leader &  International Links

  • Miss Rukshana Saleem

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Belinda West

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Sunja Yoo

    Support Assistant 

  • Ms Kayleigh Brooks

    Support Assistant (SEND)

Reception Team

  • Mrs Sonal Gandesha

    Year Leader (M/L)

  • Miss Giulia Da Ros

    Class Teacher (RDR)

  • Mrs Daniela Sandu

    Class Teacher (RS) - Early Literacy Lead

  • Miss Jodie Farrar

    Class Teacher (RF)

  • Miss Aminatta Mbaye

    Class Teacher (RM) - NQT

  • Mrs Serena Young

    Support Teacher - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Jade McClenaghan

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Kellie Abbott

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Chelsea Toole

    Support Assistant 

  • Miss Unzila Omer

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Pearl O'Hanlon

    Support Assistant 

  • Mr Rory Cullen 

    Support Assistant 

Year 1 Team

  • Mrs Shahina Khan

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (1K)

  • Miss Charlene McLeod 

    Class Teacher (1M) - RE & Collective Worship Lead

  • Miss Samiha Chowdhury

    Class Teacher (1C)

  • Ms. Samantha Dykes 

    Class Teacher (1D)

  • Mrs Kusum Samji

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Lauren Barber

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Nicoleta Drilea

    Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Clarisse Fregiste

    Support Assistant

  • Mrs Paula Copeland 

    Support Assistant- (PT-AM)

Year 2 Team

  • Mrs Haylie Hatfield

    Class Teacher (2R)

  • Mr Scott Burrows

    Class Teacher (2B) - Art Lead & Virtual Learning 

  • Miss Connie Montiel 

    Class Teacher (2M) - Pupil Voice & School Council

  • Miss Stephanie Lam

    Class Teacher (2L)

  • Mr Sam Turpin

    Support Assistant - AM - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Jennifer Macalintal

    Support Assistant 

  • Miss Mia Ferriera

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Kiptia Shafikun

    Support Assistant

  • Ms Aisha Manzoor


Year3 Team

  • Mrs Polly Hristova

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (3H)

  • Ms Kathleen Brand

    Class Teacher (3B)

  • Miss Tina Leung

    Class Teacher (3L)

  • Miss Sam Green

    Class Teacher (3G)

  • Mrs Safinaz Dilmahomed

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Claire Twatchman

    Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Michelle Rabicano

    Support Assistant

  • Mrs Jahanara Sharif

    Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Katherine Lecomber

    Support Assistant 

Year 4 Team

  • Mr Mark North

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (4N) - PSHE Lead

  • Miss Melanie Adjekum

    Class Teacher (4A) - MMS Lead

  • Ms Rachel Cottis

    Class Teacher (4C)

  • Mr Paul Boyd

    Class Teacher (4B) - Music Lead

  • Mr Andrew Antwi

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Adaku Oppong-Manu

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor 

  • Ms. Sam Griffin

    Support Assistant

  • Ms. Karen Nicholls

    Support Assistant 

  • Mrs Stacy Bragg

    Support Assistant 

Year 5 Team

  • Mr Fernando Leyenda

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (5L)

  • Miss Shahnaz Begum

    Class Teacher (5C) - Geography Lead

  • Miss Charlynne Bryan

    Class Teacher (5B) - History Lead

  • Mr Christopher Woolstencroft

    Class Teacher (5W) - Computing Lead

  • Miss Hannah Mansfield

    Support Assistant 

  • Mr Reighan Stone

    Trainee Teacher 

Year 6 Team

  • Mrs Kathryn Brown

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (6B) 

  • Miss Farjana Islam

    Class Teacher (6I) 

  • Mr Amirul Uddin

    Class Teacher (6U) - Numeracy Lead

  • Miss Berivan Koyuncu

    Class Teacher (6K) - DT Lead

  • Mrs  Janette Taylor

    Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor

  • Miss Lauren Carter

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

Other Staff Teachers & Support

  • Ms Eleanor Hulls  

    TTLT NQT/SD Mentor

  • Ms Swasthi Mahabeer

    PPA Team Leader - Health & Safety Lead

  • Ms Sonia Teixeira 

    Lead Interventions Officer - EAL - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Sharon Fuller

    Resources Lead - Librarian - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Stacy Bragg

    Resources (M/L)

  • Mr Matthew Gowdy

    ICT Learning & Resources Manager

  • Mrs Helen De Los Rios

    PPA Teacher & Science/Forest Schools Lead