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Curwen Primary School


Sickness & Absence

Medical Information/ Medicines 

If your child has a known illness or allergy which we need to know about e.g. fainting attacks, epileptic fits, then you must inform us in case of emergencies. In the case of asthma pumps, children who need the pump should be taught how to use it and they must have it with them in class at all times and on educational visits.

Occasionally, a child may be well enough to return to school after an illness but may not have finished a course of medicine or antibiotics. In these circumstances the parent should bring the medicine to the school office. Parents will need to complete a ’medicines in schools’ form. The medicine will be administered by a member of the Senior Management Team or a qualified first aider.

Children must not bring medicines to school themselves and medicines cannot be given to the class teacher to be kept in the classroom. Only medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor can be administered.

Vomiting and Diarrhoea 

If your child has been vomiting and doing diarrhoea then they should stay home for 48 hours before coming back to school. 


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Logging your child's absence: