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Curwen Primary School



Staffing at Curwen Primary and Nursery School - September 2020

Senior Management Team

Mr Paul Harris Executive Headteacher
Mrs Kate Mansfield Head of School - Curriculum & Standards
Ms Jan Britton

Deputy Headteacher - Inclusion & Pastoral

Ms Emma White  Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum & Standards 
Ms Mandy Sandhu AHT - Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mr John Potter AHT - EYFS (Nursery/ Reception) & KS1 (Y1/Y2) - Community Lead 
Mrs Vivienne Marle AHT - PSHE Lead
Ms Julie Horsington  AHT - Upper KS2 (5/6) - Assessment Lead 
Miss Kate Miles AHT - SENDCO
Mrs Lisa Miles  School Business Manager 
Mr Mark Smale Y3/4 Lower KS2 Lead & Literacy Lead 
Ms Kate Sawyer Lead Practitioner- EYFS, ITT and NQTs


Miss Kate Sawyer

Lead Practitioner - EYFS, ITT and NQTs

Miss Montse Tome Nursery Teacher - MFL Leader &  International Links
Mrs Serena Young

Support Teacher - Cover Supervisor

Miss Rukshana Saleem Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor
Miss Virginija Savukiene  Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Belinda West Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor 
Ms Kayleigh Brooks Support Assistant (SEND)
Mrs Sunja Yoo Support Assistant 

Reception Team

Mrs Sonal Gandesha Year Leader (M/L)
Miss Giulia Da Ros  Class Teacher (RDR) 
Mrs Daniela Sandu  Class Teacher (RS)/ Early Literacy Lead

Miss Jodie Farrar

Class Teacher (RF)
Miss Aminatta Mbaye

Class Teacher (RM) (NQT)

Ms Jade McClenaghan Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor 
Mrs Kellie Abbott  Support Assistant
Miss Chelsea Toole  Support Assistant 
Miss Unzila Omer Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Pearl O'Hanlon  Support Assistant 
Mr Rory Cullen  Support Assistant 

Year 1 Team

Mrs Shahina Khan Year Leader/Class Teacher (1K)
Miss Charlene McLeod  Class Teacher (1M) - RE & Collective Worship Lead
Ms. Samantha Dykes  Class Teacher (1D)
Miss Samiha Chowdhury Class Teacher (1C)
Mrs Kusum Samji Support Assistant
Miss Lauren Barber Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Ms Nicoleta Drilea   Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor
Ms Clarisse Fregiste Support Assistant
Mrs Paula Copeland  Support Assistant- (PT-AM)

Year 2 Team

Mrs Haylie Hatfield    Class Teacher (2R)
Mr Scott Burrows Class Teacher (2B) - Art Lead/ Virtual Learning 
Miss Connie Montiel  Class Teacher (2M) - Pupil Voice & School Council
Miss Stephanie Lam  Class Teacher (2L) 
Mr Sam Turpin Support Assistant - AM - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Jennifer Macalintal Support Assistant 
Miss Mia Ferriera Support Assistant 
Miss Kiptia Shafikun Support Assistant 
Ms Aisha Manzoor (PT-AM)

Year 3 Team

Mrs Polly Hristova Year Leader/Class Teacher (3H)
Ms Kathleen Brand Class Teacher (3B) 
Miss Tina Leung Class Teacher (3L)

Miss Sam Green

Class Teacher (3G)
Mrs Safinaz Dilmahomed Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Ms Claire Twatchman Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor 
Ms Michelle Rabicano Support Assistant
Mrs Jahanara Sharif Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor
Ms Katherine Lecomber Support Assistant 

Year 4 Team

Mr Mark North  Year Leader- Class Teacher (4N) / PSHE Lead)
Miss Melanie Adjekum Class Teacher (4A) - MMS Lead
Ms Rachel Cottis Class Teacher (4C)
Mr Paul Boyd  Class Teacher (4B) - Music Lead
Mr Andrew Antwi Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Celine Naganathan  Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor 
Mrs Adaku Oppong-Manu Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor 
Ms. Sam Griffin Support Assistant
Ms. Karen Nicholls Support Assistant 
Mrs Stacy Bragg Support Assistant 

Year 5 Team

Mr Fernando Leyenda Year Leader/ Class Teacher (5L)
Miss Shahnaz Begum Class Teacher (5C) - Geography Lead
Miss Charlynne Bryan Class Teacher (5B) - History Lead
Mr Christopher Woolstencroft Class Teacher (5W) - Computing Lead
Miss Paige Feldman Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Miss Hannah Mansfield Support Assistant 
Mr Reighan Stone Trainee Teacher 

Year 6 Team

Mrs Kathryn Brown Year Leader/ Class Teacher (6B) 
Miss Farjana Islam Class Teacher (6I) 
Mr Amirul Uddin Class Teacher (6U) - Numeracy Lead
Miss Berivan Koyuncu Class Teacher (6K) - DT Lead
Mrs  Janette Taylor Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor
Miss Lauren Carter Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

Other Staff Teachers/ Support:

Ms Eleanor Hulls  


Ms Swasthi Mahabeer PPA Team Leader - Health & Safety Lead
Ms Sonia Teixeira  Lead Interventions Officer- EAL/ Cover Supervisor
Ms Sharon Fuller Resources Lead - Librarian - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Stacy Bragg Resources (M/L)
Mr Matthew Gowdy IT Learning & Resources Manager
Mrs Helen De Los Rios PPA Teacher & Science/Forest Schools Lead


PE Staff:

Mr Paul Belcher TTLT Competitions Lead & Sports Development
Ms Carly Tully Sports Teacher - Extended Schools Lead
Miss Catherine Slater PE Leader 
Miss Venetia Stuart Sports Coach Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Mr Sam Turpin Support Assistant - AM - Cover Supervisor
Mr Luke Hern Pastoral Officer - Cover Supervisor
Mr Joe Belcher  Sports Coach Assistant/ Extended Schools 
Mr Ahmed Turay Sports Apprentice 
Ms Jessica McGarve  PE Coach
Mr Aaron Greenidge PE Coach 

Pastoral Team:

Miss Lianne Welch Attendance & Admissions Manager  
Ms Elisa Fontana Place2Be School Based Manager
Mr Tyrone Cameron Pastoral Lead - Cover Supervisor
Mr Luke Hearn Pastoral Officer - Cover Supervisor
Mrs. Claire Twatchman Pastoral Officer
Mrs Pearl O'Hanlon Pastoral Officer
Mr Rory Cullen Lead Interventions Officer/ 6 o'clock club lead

Inclusion Team:

Ms Samantha Dykes Learning Support Teacher 
Ms Grace Woodcock- Smith Learning Support Teacher 
Mr Bruce Armour TTLT Learning Support Teacher 
Mrs Angela Roberts Senior Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Mrs Tanya Riches Lead Interventions Officer - Physical/OT
Ms Rabeya Khatun Lead Interventions Officer - ASD/CLL
Mr Shazed Miah Support Assistant (PT)
Mrs Emma Bah Support Assistant (PT) 
Miss Devika Rattu Support Assistant (PT)
Ms Michelle Jaw Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor
Ms Nasrin Tarana Support Assistant (PT)
Miss Nikki Roberts  Lead Intervention Officer- SALT
Mrs Jennifer Hayward  Learning Support Assistant 
Miss Zaira Ahmed  Support Assistant (M/L)
Miss Tanjuma Chowdhury Support Assistant/ Cover Supervisor
Ms Jahanara Sharif LIO Interventions
Mrs Christine Smith LIO/ ASD/CLL
Ms Kayleigh Brooks Support Assistant 
Mr Mark Ashcroft Lead Intervention Officer- SALT
Miss Reba Begum Support Assistant
Miss Alia Kassam Support Assistant 
Naomi Oludemi Support Assistant
Rosemary Matondo Support Assistant


Agency Staff 

Charlotte Holmes Support Assistant 
Saira  Khan  Support Assistant 
Rahma Noor Support Assistant
Kadijatu Bangura Support Assistant
David Munoz Support Assistant
Emma Reader Support Assistant
Camilaa Noble Support Assistant
Aretha Forrest Support Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Mrs Sandra Hulme Lead Supervisor
Mrs June Curtis Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Margaret White Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Paula Copeland Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Rabicano Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Simona Baciu Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Irena Markeviciene Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sunja Yoo Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Salma Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Shahnaz Sultana Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Fahmida Lisa Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Thuwaybah Mohammed Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sabia Sultana Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Najma Khan Lunchtime Supervisor 
Ms Shilpi Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Yasmin Uddin Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sabina Khanam Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Liljana Curaj Lunchtime Supervisor

Administration Team:

Mrs Karen Shirt Executive Trust Officer 
Mrs Hana Mehmet Office Manager
Ms Sajeda Jumy Finance & Business Officer

Ms Lianne Welch

Attendance Manager & Admissions

Mrs Sandra Hulme Administrative Assistant
Mr Teodor Ion Administrative Assistant
Ms Nazmin Choudhury Administrative Assistant 
Ms Noori Khanom TTLT Project Officer 
Ms Jane Howard TTLT HR Manager 
Ms Georgia Marshall TTLT Communication & Governance Officer 
Site Supervisor:
Mr Jeff Copeland NCCS Management & Building Management
Mr Jack Kelleher Assistant Site Supervisor