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Curwen Primary School



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Senior Management Team

  • Mr Paul Harris

    Executive Headteacher

  • Mrs Kate Mansfield

    Head of School - Curriculum & Standards

  • Ms Jan Britton

    Deputy Headteacher - Inclusion & Pastoral

  • Ms Emma White

    Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum & Standards 

  • Ms Mandy Sandhu

    AHT - Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr John Potter

    AHT - EYFS (Nursery/ Reception) & KS1 (Y1/Y2) - Community Lead 

  • Mrs Vivienne Marle

    AHT - PSHE Lead

  • Ms Julie Horsington

    AHT - Upper KS2 (5/6) - Assessment Lead

  • Miss Kate Miles


  • Mrs Lisa Miles

    School Business Manager

  • Mr Mark Smale

    Y3/4 Lower KS2 Lead & Literacy Lead 

  • Ms Kate Sawyer

    Lead Practitioner- EYFS, ITT and NQTs


  • Miss Kate Sawyer

    Lead Practitioner - EYFS, ITT and NQTs

  • Miss Montse Tome

    Nursery Teacher - MFL Leader &  International Links

  • Mrs Serena Young

    Support Teacher - Cover Supervisor

  • Miss Rukshana Saleem

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Belinda West

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Sunja Yoo

    Support Assistant 

  • Ms Kayleigh Brooks

    Support Assistant (SEND)

Reception Team

  • Mrs Sonal Gandesha

    Year Leader (M/L)

  • Miss Giulia Da Ros

    Class Teacher (RDR)

  • Mrs Daniela Sandu

    Class Teacher (RS) - Early Literacy Lead

  • Miss Jodie Farrar

    Class Teacher (RF)

  • Miss Aminatta Mbaye

    Class Teacher (RM) - NQT

  • Ms Jade McClenaghan

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Kellie Abbott

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Chelsea Toole

    Support Assistant 

  • Miss Unzila Omer

    Nursery Nurse - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Pearl O'Hanlon

    Support Assistant 

  • Mr Rory Cullen 

    Support Assistant 

Year 1 Team

  • Mrs Shahina Khan

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (1K)

  • Miss Charlene McLeod 

    Class Teacher (1M) - RE & Collective Worship Lead

  • Miss Samiha Chowdhury

    Class Teacher (1C)

  • Ms. Samantha Dykes 

    Class Teacher (1D)

  • Mrs Kusum Samji

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Lauren Barber

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Nicoleta Drilea

    Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Clarisse Fregiste

    Support Assistant

  • Mrs Paula Copeland 

    Support Assistant- (PT-AM)

Year 2 Team

  • Mrs Haylie Hatfield

    Class Teacher (2R)

  • Mr Scott Burrows

    Class Teacher (2B) - Art Lead & Virtual Learning 

  • Miss Connie Montiel 

    Class Teacher (2M) - Pupil Voice & School Council

  • Miss Stephanie Lam

    Class Teacher (2L)

  • Mr Sam Turpin

    Support Assistant - AM - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Jennifer Macalintal

    Support Assistant 

  • Miss Mia Ferriera

    Support Assistant

  • Miss Kiptia Shafikun

    Support Assistant

  • Ms Aisha Manzoor


Year3 Team

  • Mrs Polly Hristova

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (3H)

  • Ms Kathleen Brand

    Class Teacher (3B)

  • Miss Tina Leung

    Class Teacher (3L)

  • Miss Sam Green

    Class Teacher (3G)

  • Mrs Safinaz Dilmahomed

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Claire Twatchman

    Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Michelle Rabicano

    Support Assistant

  • Mrs Jahanara Sharif

    Support Assistant- Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Katherine Lecomber

    Support Assistant 

Year 4 Team

  • Mr Mark North

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (4N) - PSHE Lead

  • Miss Melanie Adjekum

    Class Teacher (4A) - MMS Lead

  • Ms Rachel Cottis

    Class Teacher (4C)

  • Mr Paul Boyd

    Class Teacher (4B) - Music Lead

  • Mr Andrew Antwi

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Adaku Oppong-Manu

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor 

  • Ms. Sam Griffin

    Support Assistant

  • Ms. Karen Nicholls

    Support Assistant 

  • Mrs Stacy Bragg

    Support Assistant 

Year 5 Team

  • Mr Fernando Leyenda

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (5L)

  • Miss Shahnaz Begum

    Class Teacher (5C) - Geography Lead

  • Miss Charlynne Bryan

    Class Teacher (5B) - History Lead

  • Mr Christopher Woolstencroft

    Class Teacher (5W) - Computing Lead

  • Miss Hannah Mansfield

    Support Assistant 

  • Mr Reighan Stone

    Trainee Teacher 

Year 6 Team

  • Mrs Kathryn Brown

    Year Leader - Class Teacher (6B) 

  • Miss Farjana Islam

    Class Teacher (6I) 

  • Mr Amirul Uddin

    Class Teacher (6U) - Numeracy Lead

  • Miss Berivan Koyuncu

    Class Teacher (6K) - DT Lead

  • Mrs  Janette Taylor

    Support Assistant  - Cover Supervisor

  • Miss Lauren Carter

    Support Assistant - Cover Supervisor

Other Staff Teachers & Support

  • Ms Eleanor Hulls  

    TTLT NQT/SD Mentor

  • Ms Swasthi Mahabeer

    PPA Team Leader - Health & Safety Lead

  • Ms Sonia Teixeira 

    Lead Interventions Officer - EAL - Cover Supervisor

  • Ms Sharon Fuller

    Resources Lead - Librarian - Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Stacy Bragg

    Resources (M/L)

  • Mr Matthew Gowdy

    ICT Learning & Resources Manager

  • Mrs Helen De Los Rios

    PPA Teacher & Science/Forest Schools Lead