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Here you will find weekly online home learning tasks.

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Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Home Learning Tasks W/B 1st June 2020

English Maths  Science Topic 





Reading: Spend time reading this leaflet about rubbish. We were meant to be looking at sustainability, which involves recycling.


Find the key information and create a poster to show what we can recycle in our borough.


Click here
Spend 15 minutes per day practising your tables. Can you battle a friend?  The teachers will be setting different times tables as the term goes on so keep logging on!

Our science topic would be life cycles. Log into Espresso. In the KS2 section, under science, scroll down to ‘life cycles’. Watch the video about the life cycle of amphibians.

Our Geography topic this term would have been on sustainability. Find out what the logo below is. What does it actually mean? Have you used a product with this logo?

Learn this week’s spellings. Use each one in a sentence.

Identity, immediate, immediately, individual interfere, interrupt, language, leisure, mischievous, muscle

Click on Click here to remind you how to calculate area (space inside of shape) and perimeter (Distance outside a shape.) Try some activities online:


Click here

Draw and label the life cycle of a frog.

We have realised, as a world, that pollution is at an alarming rate worldwide. However, with everyone staying in at home many amazing things have been happening. Watch this newsround clip Click here and write your thoughts on it. What do you think we need to change as a world?

Once you have read this leaflet, research the types of recycling that Newham does NOT do. Then create a ‘slide’ presentation to tell Newham how they could do better!      

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