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Here you will find weekly online home learning tasks.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Home Learning Tasks W/B 13th July 2020

English Maths  Science Topic 





Click here to have access to one of the BBC lessons that will help you develop reading skills.


This lessons focusses on:


 Unfamiliar vocabulary





Watch the videos, do the activities and don’t forget the “Where next?” section.


Spellings: This week you will learn about endings which sound like /ʃəs/ spelt –cious or –tious. Click here to access the spelling files and the test.








Spend 15 minutes per day practising your times tables. Can you battle a friend?

This week we are looking at regular and irregular shapes.

Click here to have access to the lesson. Don’t forget to do the activities and check your understanding by taking the test.








Go to Espresso discovery education. Click on Key Stage 2 and in topics select living things and their habitats, then press on the habitats modules. Otherwise, click here.

Complete the whole module, looking at habitats and adaptation.

Choose one of the habitats and design a poster. Mention the characteristics of that habitat and what animals have to survive in it.

















Go to Espresso Discovery and search for “Going green”. Alternatively, you can click here.

Make sure you complete the whole module.

Click here to see how to make schools sustainable. Is Curwen a sustainable school? What things could be made to make Curwen a much more eco-friendly school?


Suggest improvements that the school could make and send them to us in the email address below.












Grammar: Use of imperative to give instructions. Click here.






Write a set of instructions for Curwen Primary School, which will help members of staff and children protecting the environment. Refresh your memory about sustainability here.




If you have forgotten any of your login details, send us a message on StudyBugs and we will send them over.

Don’t forget to have a look on some of the other areas of the website for lots of useful ideas for learning activities.

We would love to see pictures of your learning at home! Send them to with your name and class and we may feature them on our website.