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Curwen Primary School



Here you will find weekly online home learning tasks.

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Home Learning Tasks W/B 6th July- 13th July 2020

English Maths Science  Topic 







See the attached PDF resources on Year 6 Transition:


Read Jay’s  report about his experience of moving to secondary school on page 14:


Now pick out SIX main points that he mentioned that you felt were helpful.


Who were the people who were particularly helpful and how they were helpful to him.


Explain why it’s important to ask an adult working at the school for help early, instead of waiting until the situation get worst.




Why is Resilience important at secondary school?


Mathematical problem solving activities are a great way to build resilience.


Work through the attached Year 5 & 6 problems at your own pace.


Send in your solutions to google classroom or the email address below


Try some of these site too:

(Tangrams) Click here


Click here


Click here
(The video can be streamed or downloaded)


Before you watch the transition video, list all the concerns you may have about moving from primary school to secondary school. Discuss this with someone in your house.


Finding the positive in every situation:

Match the negative comments with a positive one

a) My new school has so many great facilities such as a dance studio, sport gym, big dinner hall, and science labs.

b) I’m a bit worried about how much homework I’m going to get and that maybe I won’t be able to do it all.

c) I am now not going to have just one teacher- I’m going to have 10- How will I remember their names or where I’m meant to be each lesson?

d) My friends and I have arranged to meet up in order to help each other with our homework – it may actually be quite fun!

e) I am looking forward to having lessons with a mix of lots of different teachers- I’m certain to like most, if not all, of them!

f) I usually always play with same group of friends all the time, so it’ll be good to meet some new people and learn new games.

On PAGE 17 f the Upwards and onwards resource you’ll find more statements you can discuss.



What makes me special?

Thinks about the things that make you unique; personality, religion, culture, family, likes, dislikes, talents, hobbies, facial features, etc.

Think about what makes you a great friend.

What do you bring to friendships?

Create a Poster about you.

Take a picture of your poster and send to the email address below or share on google classroom.

This activity will hopefully help you understand the type of friend you are as well as the type of new friends you would like have.






Write a story with a moral dillenma linked to starting a new school. 


Try to add the follwing ideas:

-Write in first person

-Being honest

-Identify what the dillenma you face

-Explaining the possible consequences to any possible actions

-What is the choice you choose to take?

- Explain why

-What are the positive and negative consequences for that choice?

-Reflect on the things your primary school teachers have done to prepare you for secondary school.

Spend 15 minutes per day practicing your times tables. Can you battle a friend?







Top Tips: Be Food Safe

Wash hands with soap and water.

Wet hands with clean running water and apply soap for 20 seconds

Sanitize surfaces. ...

Keep appliances clean. ...

Rinse and wash produce. ...

Ensure your food is cooked all the way through to a hot temperature.

Click here

Click here

Click here


Transition websites

Try out the activities on these websites to help you prepare for secondary school. Many of you are in touch with your friends from Curwen. It would be lovely for you to discuss the points raised with your family as well as your friends.

Starting a new school  Click here

What’s the difference between primary and secondary school?Click here

New subjects and timetables Click here

Growing up in Secondary School Click here

What’s to fear about secondary school?

Click here

Ten skills you might not know you had

Click here







DT – Technology

Research different easy recipies – pasta bake,  cheesecake, spaghetti bolognese, vegatable curry, Jacket potatoes with three  (exciting) fillings , apple crumble, omlette with three ingredients, etc.

Design your own meal  and dessert for you and your family.

Write your recipe, with clear step by step guides

With an adult’s supervision and assitance follow your recipe.

Take a picture of your process and your final product and send to the email address below.

Serve food and taste

Clean service

Discuss with your family what you did well and how can you could have improved the dish.

If you have forgotten any of your login details, send us a message on StudyBugs and we will send them over.

Don’t forget to have a look on some of the other areas of the website for lots of useful ideas for learning activities.

We would love to see pictures of your learning at home! Send them to with your name and class and we may feature them on our website.