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Here you will find weekly online home learning tasks.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Home Learning Tasks W/B 18th May 2020

Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Art & Design 




Click on the link below, listen carefully to the story and answer the questions below:

Frog on a log

Click here

•What do cats sit on?

•What do frogs sit on?

•What do lions sit on?

•Who sit on carrots?

•Do you think logs are soft or hard?

•Would you prefer to sit on a sofa or a box?




Click on the link below to have a go at counting under the sea creatures. Choose 0-5 or 0-10.

Click here

Carefully choose and name the correct shape.

Click here

Watch these 2 videos: This Is How a Tadpole Transforms Into A Frog

Click here

We are learning about tadpole and frogs.

• Share simple ideas about tadpoles and frogs.

• What happens to a tadpole?

• How do they move?

• Where do they live?

• What do they eat?

What did you see? What happened? Remember to use your words and speak in full sentences. Do you have a plant or seeds growing at home? Watch this video: Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days

Click here

Find the seed, the roots, the soil and the plant stem.



Click on the links below to learn some new songs:

Frog song (Life cycle of a frog)

Click here

Five little Speckled frogs

Click here

Click on the BBC link to pretend to be a tadpole growing and changing in the pond. Listen carefully.

Click here

Don’t forget to jump , swim , wiggle , waggle, dive , splash , wag , side to side, hop, turn , bounce , blink and boing.


Draw a cat sat on a mat and an frog sat on a log.

Write  m-a-t,  c-a-t, s-a-t?

What else can you draw?

Challenge: can you write frog.







Make your own 5 little speckled frogs and a log using egg cartons and a kitchen roll. Or you can use a blue piece of paper of fabric as a pond. Now you are ready to sing 5 Little Speckled Frogs. Remember to use: “1 less” and “How many left?”





Make your own frog pond using any old box, tray or yoghurt pot. Some twigs, leaves, stones or pebbles. Be creative!!!




Task: Make a frog out of a paper plate, pizza base or just a circle of paper. Paint it green and fold it in half. We’ve created a frog out of a paper plate. This frog is very easy to make. Just add a red tongue, eyes, legs and arms.





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