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Here you will find weekly online home learning tasks.

If the links in the table don't work, please find the relevant attachment below where there are accessible links available. If you can't see the table in full, please try and turn your phone around to landscape mode.

Also, please see the bottom of the page for home learning tasks from the previous weeks. 

Home Learning Tasks W/B 1st June 2020

Literacy Maths

Understanding the World

Expressive Art & Design 





Do you remember our friend Geraldine that used to help us during phonics?

Use this link to say hi to Geraldine and refresh your memory about the ‘igh’ sound: Click here


Then look at this video and help Geraldine read the words with the ‘igh’ sound: Click here

Who likes playing with cars? Click on this link and have a go at this game to revise your number recognition skills:

Click here







Do you know the sounds of different forms of transport? Click on the link to hear the different noises:

Click here









How can you travel around London? Perhaps by bus?

Use the link to see a step by step guide for drawing a double-decker bus:

Click here









Can you pretend to be Geraldine and go around the house or your garden to find objects with the ‘igh’ sound?

Do you want to be a superstar? Write all the words you can think of with the ‘igh’ sound. How many can you write?



In this game you’ll have to read the number and park the car in the right parking spot.

Do you want to be a superstar? Try to guess what number comes before or after the spot where you parked.



Can you follow the audio and guess the different types of transport and starting points for the journeys?

Do you want to be a superstar?

Think about the journey you make to the school. What are the different transport sounds you will hear?


Task: Can you draw a double-decker bus? Follow each step to create an amazing drawing of the London buses. Remember to number it.

Do you want to be a superstar?

Can you think of other modes of transport used around London? Why not have a try at drawing them.



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