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Curwen Primary School


Useful Websites

Please find - 7 YouTube channels - with daily live streams - that may be of interest to your students in regards to keeping healthy, fun and fit - from home.

1. PE - With Joe - The Nations Top Sports Coach

Joe has just become a sensation on YouTube a few days ago by becoming the worlds no1 PE teacher. His lessons are fun and suitable for all ages. His classes come highly rated with excellent reviews. SUPER RECOMMENDED

2.African Dance Classes - Petit Afro (Kids - International African Dance Coach) 

Petit - is the one of the top African Dance coaches for kids.  He has some the most talented  kid dancers with amazing choreography. New live streams for students to learn new dances and culture - online.

3. Street Dance - Matt Steffanina (LA-  Street Dance Coach)

Matt Is an Los Angeles based Street Dance coach with a strong influence on on the music industry in Hollywood. Amazing talent and great routines for children that are a little bit more advanced in dance -  some of the best talent In The industry

4. Saskias -  Dance School (Kids International Dance Fitness - School

This channel is excellent for children and dance fitness with great routines and fun dance moves to pickup and implement immediately! super recommended!!!

5. Footballers - F2 Frestylers

(Kids international - Football Skills School)

Footballers - Jeremy & Billy - are professional freestylers and interview the best players in the world - through skill challenges for children to try at home. If students want to see their idols in action then this is the channel for them! SUPER RECOMMENDED

6. Theatre & Drama 

(Kids National Theatre & Drama- Founders of the Academy of Performing Arts  chool of theatre - will teach students how to develop their ability to embody characters and improve confidence and stage presence (great skill for various areas in life). Several fun games available to have a look at on YouTube for all ages.

7. Yoga - Comsic Kids Yoga  (With Jamie)

Jamie specialises I’m teaching children’s Yoga in the most engaging way possible - using  various themes and movies to blend Yoga techniques with story telling. SUPER RECOMMENDED and fun for all parents to join in! 

Feel free to let us know if there is anyway we can help your school going forward.

We have also opened reservations (for FREE) in any of your most preferred activities from September 2020 - July 2021.

8. The School Games Active Championships is a national activity campaign to help young people across the UK to #StayInWorkOut using the video-based platform powered by TopYa!. New challenges will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to engage with

9. Lots of Olympic and Paralympic Get Set home learning resources

10. Youth Sport Trust library of ideas for home based activities

11. A range of free content covering aquatics-themed topics has been made available by Swim England to parents who are home-schooling. More than 20 worksheets covering subjects such as water safety, swimming terms and spotting the dangers poolside can now be downloaded

12. Cricket for Girls have launched their new YouTube channel for everyone to access for free! Just type in on youtube Cricket for Girls and check it out!